"Credits first, my revenge on that rat tail bitch a close second."


Quark started his descend into the criminal underworld as a simple accountant. However the temptation of handling large sums of credits all day soon proved to be to great and he started taking his one share from the top. It was easy at first, a slight increase in this tax that would be siphoned into a separate account before it showed on the books. However as he started to attract a larger and more prestigious amount of clients, his own considerable computer skills were starting to fail him in processing it all. To compensate, he started to take booster blue in order to siphon more credits of his fat clients without being caught. When his partner, a bounty hunter who fashioned himself in being the next Cad Bane wanted a bigger cut, wanted a bigger cut it signified the start of his fall.

He laid a paper trail for several of his imperial clients to find, implying that the hunter had been stealing their money. Then he hired a smuggler crew in order to escape to Cloud city, far from the hunter’s reach. But when the hunter caught them, it all went to hell resulting in that filthy rat tail stealing his files and pushing him out of the ship to plummet to his death. But he survived and after his bones were healed he was ready to plan his revenge. But the bitch had somehow got Jabba to post a bounty on him and now most of his remaining credits have gone to staying out of the hands of several bounty hunters.


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