Jalan Jafan

A smuggler from Naboo


When R5-T1 first became self aware, he didn’t have any idea what was happening. He had some memories from before the great crash as he comes to call it. It were memories of an ordered existence where everything was clear.

Now he’d lost his connection and he didn’t know what to do.

It’s in that state that he was found by a smuggler called Jalan Jafan. He was salvaging the remains of the droid army on naboo, illegally, and when he found the lone droid in a working condition he slapped a restraining bolt on him in hopes of making some extra credits for that specimen.

Ofcourse no one wanted this shortly after the battle, and Jalan used him for spare parts; stripping parts now and then.

R5-T1 had a miserable existence the time he spent with Jalan, but having nothing to do enabled him to come to terms with what had happened and to create some new subroutines and files. In short: he managed to come to terms with his new existence.

Then one day he heard Jalan haggling with a customer over a droid brain, and as he was the only droid onboard he concluded jalan was going to strip his brain from his chasis, and panicked. When Jalan approached him in the cargohold with his tools, he managed to escape his restraints and fled, knocking over Jalan in the process.

To this day R5-T1 hasn’t been able to overcome the trauma of that terrifying experience. He hates Jalan and would love to just kill him. And at the same time he’s terrified of him and often dreams about him.

The experience has also left him with a fobia of restraining bolts.

Jalan Jafan

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