A jaw a from Tatooine


A female Jawa techy.

She found him walking the desert on Tatooine aimlessly after escaping Jalan.

Or rather, he found her when she was cornered by some desert predator.

He stumbled upon the scene when he rolled down a sand dune, having lost his footage. Jalan had stripped both his arms, and seeing the predator on his way he just aimed his body to crash into the thing in homes of scaring it off. He didn’t know what else to do and didn’t want to face the thing defenselesly.

BicBic was grateful for this unintentional assistance and made him her pet project, giving him all kinds of upgrades and repairs.

Even after he’d taken up the job of bountyhunter, he still returns to her regularly and then they spend som fun time making modifications.

From her he’s gotten the drive for constantly bettering himself.


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