Miranda harper

"Aunt Mirri can sell or buy anything that has a market for it at the best price. And if it doesn't have a market, she'll make on."


The younger sister of captain Jack Harper, Miranda eagerly joined his crew negotiating the best deals possible for them. When they found Koyi adrift in space, she was at first a bit hesitant to take her along, stating that their life of wondering the stars was not a place for a young girl who had already been through so much in her life. However knowing her brothers stubborn nature, she choose not to fight him over it and instead took on a very protective stance towards the little girl. She hoped to make sure that Koyi didn’t take on to many “bad” traits of the rest of the crew and often gave her motherly advise. However as the years passed, Koyi started to resemble Jack more and more.

After the death of her brother and seeing that the crew was already starting to fall apart, she made the heartbreaking decision to sell the ship and split the profit so each of them could follow their own path in life. She used her share to bribe several officials and to get some contacts with several trade guilds in an attempt to set up the basics for what will become her own little trade emporium. She wants to run a legitimate business and avoids the black market as much as possible.

Miranda is concerned about Koyi’s deal with Jabba, something her brother avoided as much as possible, and the merciless nature she displayed towards Quark. However she knows that Koyi has to make her own choices, she just hopes that it won’t cause her to become something she is not.

Miranda harper

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