Koyi Dira

"The only freedom in this galaxy is at the controls of your own ship with a blaster in your holdster"


When the crew of the freighter “The Edge” found a sealed container drifting in space, pulsing with an unknown beacon, they had no way of preparing for what they found inside. Dozens of bodies male and female with only a 10 year old and malnourished twi’lek girl left alive. Despite this the girl, who survived only because her fellow slaves gave her the last of the food, slowly stood up and told them with a smile “My name is Koyi Dira, I can clean and cook a little.” She then ripped off a bit of cloth from the rags she was wearing, dropped to the ground and started cleaning. Seeing this little girl broken and weak, Captain Jack Harper decided to free the girl from her bonds, physically and mentally.

It took many years for her to recover from all her time as a slave, but all this time captain Harper never gave up hope and with the help of his crew she grew into her own woman. The ship’s doctor, a Bothan named Oryon Ka’hane, managed to get her to perfect health and even managed to remove all her slave marks. The Trandoshian Kraxx taught her how to shoot a blaster and Miranda Harper, the captain’s sister, taught her everything she needed to know to convince and read others. Finally, the captain taught her how to fly and navigate to vast freedom between the stars and she quickly became his co-pilot.

It was a good life, until they took on a job to deliver a Deveronian accountant named Quark to Bespin. However he failed to mention the fact that he crossed his partner, a Duros bounty hunter named Gar Baaks. Before they fully knew what had happened, he crippled their hyperdrive and quickly boarded their ship. It was a long and brutal battle until captain Harper managed to space both him and the hunter. Koyi had never felt such rage before in her life and wanted to take it all out on Quark, who she blamed for the captain’s death. However Miranda convinced her that Jack was known for always fulfilling his job and that to honor him, they had to finish his last one. Reluctantly she agreed and flew the ship to Bespin after some quick repairs.

When they arrived, she hovered above the landing path and had Kraxx take Quark to the Cargo Bay. She took his gear from him, opened the doors and kicked him out. She knew the height wasn’t enough to kill him, but he would have several broken bones. After this however the crew started to fall apart and thus they decided to sell the ship and split the profit so each could go their own way. She used her part of the profit to hire an astromech droid to examine the datapads she took from Quark and finally her hunch pulled off. Over the years, he had been siphoning a steady stream of credits off of some very powerful and rich people, which he lost after a scheme went bad which put him on Gar Baaks’s bad side.

After taking some time to ponder on how best to use this information, she decided to sell it to the most powerful name she could find on the list, Jabba Desilijic Tiure, knowing that if she made it public that he stole the hutt’s money, there would be no place for him to hide. She contacted Jabba and made him a very reasonable deal, he gets the list and in exchange he would give her a loan with very reasonable and easy interest rates as well as to remember her name whenever he needed a job done. When asked why she sold the list for so little she stated the following reasons: first, she needed Jabba to accept and any deal that would cost him more than he would earn would automatically be rejected. Second by stating that it was so Jabba could hunt down Quark and in doing so she would get her vengeance on him which was the most important for her. And last by giving it cheap she made a powerful and hopefully favorable contact in Jabba with a steady stream of jobs to pay back her debt.

Koyi Dira

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